Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wk #31: Transfer Week!

Hello America! I hope that this email finds you in happy spirits and good health! (: 

        Well first off, I have some news. My P-Day is getting switched back to Mondays! again. haha Dont ask me why because I don't know. But I'm excited because I liked P-Day on monday better than Thursdays anyway! That means that I will be emailing again on Monday! Woohoo! (: And secondly, CONGRATULATIONS TO MY LITTLE BROTHER AND SISTER! Si made SBO and Ally made Sophomore office. I can't wait for them to work together. I'm so proud of them both (: 

       Saturday is the day we get our transfers so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I found out that my first two areas are famous in the mission for being areas where nothing ever happens. It's been a tough 12 weeks! The Jehovah's Witnesses have a VERY strong hold on this little city haha. Nevertheless, I have seen miracles here. In myself and in the Branch we're serving in. Cross your fingers for me to get moved, would ya? (; Just kidding. The Lord will move me to where he needs me. And if that place is still here, I'll stay. That's good enough for me (:

       What I studied this week really touched my heart and it's been a constant thought in my mind. I want to share it with you. In the New Testament, we read that after the second appearance of Christ to the Apostles after his resurrection Peter decided to go fishing and his apostle friends went with him. It says that they toiled all night long, not catching a single fish. When morning time rolled around, a stranger called out from the shore asking if they had any meat. They yelled back saying no. The stranger suggested throwing the net over the other side of the boat. Well they did and the catch was so great that they couldnt even pull the net up over the boat. Realizing that it was Christ, Peter jumped over the side of the boat. (Probably into cold water) to swim to the Savior. When at the shore, the Lord asked Peter if he loved Him. Each time Peter said, "Lord you know I love you." And in the 3rd time Jesus asked the same question, Peter said, "Lord thou knowest all things. Thou knowest that I love thee." This is what touched my heart. The Savior knows all things. But he still asked Peter. The Lord knew that Peter loved Him, not because Peter said, "Yeah Lord! I love you!" But because he SHOWED it. Let's keep in mind that Peter jumped over the side of the boat not once but twice to get to the Savior. What have we done to "Jump over the side of the boat"? Have we really shown the Lord our love for Him? I know that I need to work on that. My invitation is to show the Lord you love him this week.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you so much for your support and for your prayers.
Have a good week and I'll talk to you on Monday!!

Elder Holmes