Monday, May 30, 2016

Wk #35: A Trip to Buenos Aires!

Cade didn't send a group email this week but he did send a lot of pictures to show his trip to Buenos Aires. He said his trip was successful (hopefully) and his Visa issues should now be taken care of. He had the opportunity to see some of the city. Enjoy the pictures!
The Buenos Aires Temple!
I took a picture like this in front of the San Diego temple with my Argentina flag, so I thought it would be cool to take another one in Argentina!
The Buenos Aires MTC! It was cool to talk to new missionaries. When I told them I had already been in the field they said, "Wow a real missionary!" and I laughed and said, "You're real missionaries too!" and they were like, "Oh yeah!" haha!
A panoramic of Argentina! Its such a beautiful country!
More of Buenos Aires! 
It's called the "Movediza"! It's a Replica of a giant rock that used to balance right there 100 years ago until it got struck by lightening and fell off the cliff! You can still see the original at the bottom of the hill!
Another Buenos Aires temple photo! It's beautiful!
My bus crashed into a Semi truck on the way home from Bahia. No worries, the bus driver just fell asleep at the wheel. Freakin' Argentina.. (;
Our 5 star hotel room.. Let me tell you, it was a VERY strange experience going from nasty grungy missionary apartments to a 5 star hotel room. I couldn't take my hand off of the wall for about an hour because it was drywall. You dont see drywall in ARG. It's usually bricks with paint over them. And the bathroom was SO CLEAN that I showered without sandals for the first time in months. I couldn't believe it. hahah 
Buenos Aires is HUGE! this is just a fraction of how big it was!
Cool buildings, Modern Art, Huge monuments! Buenos Aires was AWESOME!
It was beautiful!
The original Movediza that fell!
This is my, "WELCOME TO ARGENTINA!" Picture haha!