Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wk #30: Rain. All day long.

Hello! From the land of Argentina! Where it rains all day and the sun doesnt shine! haha this week at least. It's been a VERY cold week. I've been sufferin a little bit, but that's only because the last 10 months of my life have been 10 months of summer. So the cold is very different for me haha (: 
  This week started out SUPER slow and ended up flying by. It's been a little bit of a busy week. We've been running around contacting, making appointments, and following the promptings of the Spirit. Yesterday we were walking back to our house for lunch and I saw a guy walk into his house. I kept on walking past his house not really thinking anything of it. But I had the persisting feeling that I needed to go talk to him. So after walking a block past his house, I couldnt ignore the feeling anymore. So we turned around and went back to knock on his door. When he came out of the house I realized that  he was wearing a black sabbath T-shirt, had long black hair, and did not look like he would be interested at all. I looked at my comp and he was giving me his "Really, Elder Holmes?" look. I turned to the man and began to talk to him. Turns out he has never talked to missionaries, he believes in an "all powerful being", and would really like to learn more. It was an awesome contact! His name is Alejandro! We have an appointment with him tomorrow!
   Another experience that has impacted me a lot this week happened on monday! We were walking down the street when a little girl probably 8 years old or less ran up to me with tears in her eyes and said, "Those boys keep telling me someone is going to kidnap me if I walk down the road to go home.Will you walk with me so I dont get stolen?" It was late and getting dark and she looked pretty scared and shaken up. Tears filled my eyes because of the sad situation it was and I thought of my sweet little cousin Kendall and if she were in the same situation. I looked over to the group of boys she was talking about and they were all above the age of 12 it seemed laughing. After shooting them a look of disapproval (for lack of a better term) I looked at Elder De Leon and he said, "Elder I dont think its a good idea." and in English (So she couldnt understand what I said) I said, "Elder, what do you think Christ would do? We are not leaving her here." I smiled at her, put my hand out, and said, "Ready to go home?" and she took my hand, Said "Yes please." and we walked her to her house where her VERY worried mother had been waiting for her to get home. Unfortunatley the mother didnt have time to speak with us after saying thank you. It was a lesson I learned about being Christlike for sure. 
   My invitation today is to seek opportunities to be Christlike. Be charitable, patient and loving. Not only does it benefit us, but others feel the love of God through us. The world needs more people like Christ. Thank you for everything as always. Your prayers, support, and your love. I send my prayers daly!!

Elder Holmes

 Cade didn't send any pictures so I added this one...It meant a lot to him when I sent him a screenshot of it!