Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wk #29: April showers bring... Winter?

Hello from the land of Argentina! Where it's cold, rainy, and absolutely beautiful! Last night we were walking home and I looked up to the horizon and saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life. It was incredible! There will be a picture of it on my mission blog! It's been good here in ARG this week. Busy, but good. I've been a bit under the weather, but nothing too bad (: 

     What a week. We got stood up a few times with appointments again, so thats been hard. But we still have hope. We weren't able to work a lot this week due to some problems my comp and I are dealing with, but we're getting there. It's been hard not working the hardest we could be. But I keep praying that we'll be able to move forward working this week. 

     Yesterday I was asked to teach at a multi-zone conference about why this is such an important work. Of course, I was really nervous. They wanted me to speak in front of a ton of missionaries (in spanish) about something that I wasn't even sure I understood yet. I prayerfully prepared trusting that God would help me. While I was teaching, I had a "Break through moment" I'd call it. I was talking about how the things we do as missionaries change eternities. Ours and those who we teach. And I became emotional as I said, "After this life, I dont want someone come up to me and ask me, 'Why didnt you help me back to Christ?'" It hit me that I made promises before this life that I needed to keep. I realized that I needed to stay worthy of my calling and to stay worthy of the spirit so I can find those who I promised. It was a really great thing for me. 

      I feel prompted to say this. Please don't give up. Not on yourself, not on someone else, and ESÊCIALLY not on the Lord. Things will get hard. We know that. We knew that before we came to this earth.  It's part of Heavenly Father's great plan for us. Sometimes I feel prompted to know a door just to find that there was no one home or to meet someone who isn't interested in anything! I ask myself why. But then I remember that God has a bigger plan for me that I just can't see yet. And I trust in that knowledge and move forward, knocking the next door. 

Thank you for everything as always. I love you all! 

¡Hacia Adelante hasta la Salvación de Sión!

Elder Holmes
Selfie before a COLD day of contacting!
Amazing sunset from last night!
It was incredible!
The winter coat a member gave to me!
There are parts of ARG FILLED with garbage.. It's terrible.