Monday, July 25, 2016

Wk # 43: ALOHA!.. Oh wait.. HOLA!

Currently, I am sitting in a crappy Internet Café, with zero heating in 0 degree weather, trying to keep the street dogs that got in away from me, being stared at by a man with no legs drinking Mate. I dont think he likes Americans.. It's not Hawaii, but I love this country. 

Well, I have to say that my heart is full this week. I've witnessed so many miracles in my mission, but especially so here in this beautiful area of Tandil. This Saturday, we will be having 5 baptisms in our church here in Ward 1! What an incredible experience it will be to see so many enter into the "Waters of Mormon" to start their journey that will lead them into an Eternity of joy. A grain of faith and some hardwork is the recipe to miracles. Being a Zone Leader is hard, but when you see your zone progress the way we have this month, it's worth the pain. I'll have pictures next week (: 

It was a rough week at first but ended well. There was a misunderstanding between my comp and I that ended up getting blown out of porportion. Luckily, with a little Christlike love we were able to solve it. 

Please keep David and Nikaurys in your prayers this week as they get closer to their baptism date!!


Elder Holmes
Preaching repentance unto the people. 
One of my best friends here in the mission! Hermana Bartholomew from my group!