Monday, July 4, 2016

Wk # 40: Dear Uncle Sam..

Here's to early morning parades, BBQ's, fireworks, and the good old Red, White, and Blue. I miss America today. I love Argentina, but it just doesn't compare to America! I hope we can use this day to really apreciate what we are blessed with in the States. I had to travel 4,000 miles away to understand just how blessed I was being born in America. 

    This week was a very interesting week. This week I had to tell somebody something they didnt want to hear which was something that was very hard for me to do. We have some Hermanas here in our zone that have been misbehaing and I had to get after them a little so that they would improve and continue working. It was a huge challenge for me, but I learned and grew a lot as a leader because of it. 

    Also, I witnessed a miracle at church. David, our old investigator that stopped progressing, has a sister named Nicaurys that we have been teaching. She now has a baptismal date for the 23th of July. (YAY!). She is progressing super well and she has started to feel the conversion process work in her heart. We extended the challenge to come to church and when her mom (a less active member) heard that, she yelled, "We're all going to go as a family!" So we met up with Nicaurys in the park by her house Sunday morning and waited and waited and awited for her family to show up. (They didnt come together because Nycaurys was sleeping at her aunts house close to the park) Her family never showed up, so we headed to church. I felt really sad about them not coming. Nycaurys was really hoping they'd come so she didnt feel uncomfortable in the church. Well, halfway through the sacrament meeting, I look up to David his girlfriend, His Mom and his little brother standing in the doorway waving to us. I can't explain to you the joy I felt in my heart. Nicaurys leaned over to me and said, "A miracle just happened." And I sat back in my chair and marvelled at what had just happened. I was promised before my mission to see miracles. And truly, I have seen them already. Plus, after the church meetings David's girlfriend came up to me and said, "When can you come back to my house and teach me? I want to know more." Her uncle is a member and said that she has always had a hard heart about the church, but her heart has been softened. It will be an exciting few weeks. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but He works nonetheless. I've grown so much. I've learned something from it too. When we grow, we sometimes feel growing pains. It's not easy to grow and change, but it's worth it in the end. 

   I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July! I'll be going to a buffet here in Tandil to celebrate with some of the Hermanas in our zone! It'll be good! (: I LOVE YOU ALL AND HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Elder Holmes
We have a good time together if you can't tell haha (:
Elder Yeates and I!
The Centinela! This is where we went this morning! It was AWESOME! They dont know how it got there. And water runs under it so it "Floats" hahah It was really cool!
I felt it budge (;
The picture is bad, but this is a HUGE statue of Christ on the cross here in Tandil. It's really cool. But, It made me realize why we dont have crosses, many pictures of Christ on the cross, or things like that in our church. It has such a bad feeling around it. I felt sick while I was up there. There is so much more happiness in the Resurrection and the life of Christ. I thought to myself, "Why wont they let him off of the cross? After all of this time, I'm sure He wants to be off the cross, but the keep Him there." Still, it was a very cool cultural experience. 
Here's another picture so you can see what it looked like!