Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wk #13: LAST DAY OF 2015.

HEY USA! How is everybody? As always, I hope that you are all doing SO well and enjoying the Holidays and your families and friends. Really, your families are SO important. Take it from someone who is more than 4,000 miles away from his, they are the most important thing in this world. Mountains can crumble, buildings will fall, and the oceans could dry up, but your family will ALWAYS be your family. That's a promise. Cherish them. Appreciate them and NEVER take them for granted. I did and I regret it more than anything.

     This week was transfer week and it was nuts. But let me tell you that my new companion Elder Fallentine is fetching great. He's from San Diego! We get along so well and honestly I feel like I'm with one of the guys back home. The first thing we talked about was our favorite music and guess what he gave me? A Jack Johnson album he bought here. I knew we were going to be best friends. And the best part is that we are working so hard and actually finding potential investigators everywhere we go. How amazing is it that when we commit ourselves to the Lord, He blesses us beyond imagination? I have been SO happy these past few days and it's all because of our self-consecration to the work and to The Lord. People also tell us that we look like brothers ALL THE TIME. Oh and a lady let us into her house and told us it was just so she could look at us longer. hahaha awkward. 

     We were knocking on doors looking for investigators and we came across a man who is an Adventist and started to talk with his about our gospel. It turned out that he shared SO MANY of our beliefs. Eventually he let us in and we taught him the Restoration. He was VERY open to it and he accepted a Book of Mormon with my testimony of it inside the front cover. Unfortunately he's taking a vacation for a few months and won't be able to be taught by us anymore. But I ask that you all PLEASE pray for him that he'll read the book and find a testimony through it. His name is Yamille (pronounced Shameel)! Thank you all so much. 

     After the trial of our faith we receive the blessings. This profound statement is SO TRUE. If any of you are struggling with things in your life, Hold on. Press forward in Faith. I promise you that the Lord will help you out after you have experienced what He needs you to experience. And just imagine how much stronger you'll be afterwards. I pray for you. I know what it feels like to feel hopelessness. And from that experience, I now know just how much Hope can be found through this gospel and how much sweeter the happiness is. PRESS ON. And I'll do the same.

     I love you all so much. And I'm so thankful for your prayers. They have been the wind at my back and the strength that I need to press on so that I can further build His kingdom on this earth. Thank you. I pray for you always and hope that you all have a great night tonight and an even better year this year. 

     Don't party too hard.. because I'll be in bed at 10:30. Can you feel my jealousy coming through the screen? (; PARTY FOR ME! Remember that if you want to see pictures from my mission you can look at my mission blog! The address is!

I love you all!

Elder Cade Holmes.
Elder Fallentine

"This small dog of a spider was the size of my hand. I killed it by hitting it with my shoe... 3 times!"