Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey everyone! Can you believe that this email is being sent from another country? I can´t. Right now I'm sitting in a computer gaming center listening to people play Call of Duty and on the radio the song, ´¨Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down¨¨ is playing so obviously I'm singing along and jamming. (; 

Argentina is beautiful. It's definitely different, but it's amazing. When people say there's a culture shock, they mean it. It's been probably the hardest week of my life, but it´s been so rewarding. My Spanish has grown so much just in the last week! I still have a hard time understanding people when they speak super fast, but so many people say, ¨¨Usted habla bien Castellano!¨¨ (You speak good Spanish!) They can't believe it when I tell them I only have 1 week in Argentina!  The food is SO good. The meat is so good and there´s always so much of it. Also the bread is better than any other bread I have ever had. I wish you all could try some of it. EMPANADAS ARE SO GOOD. And the pastry shops here are 10x better than the garbage donuts back in the States. Yáll think Krispy Kreme is good? those things don't cast a shadow on the stuff they have here. 

The first night I was here, my companion Elder Rust (Who is so great) and I ate at a member's home for dinner. These people were the poorest people I have ever met. They literally lived in a shed with a stove, a bed, and a dirt floor. 4  people lived there including their children. I couldn't believe it. We made homemade Empanadas with what had to be their only food. When they were all done and cooked, we went to sit at their cardboard table, but realized that there were only 5 chairs and there were 6 people in the house. Everyone was sitting in a chair and I was standing and perfectly fine and willing to stand and eat. The grandfather of the house who was already sitting saw this and stood up, handed me the chair, kneeled down on the dirt floor, and said, ¨¨Please use the chair.¨¨. The patriarch of the house, a person who is respected over any others, kneeled on the hard dirt floor so that I would be comfortable. I was floored. I´ve walked among people who truly have Christlike humility and love. My challenge to you this week is to appreciate the things you have. Comfortable houses, technology, clean water, and even the freedoms we are blessed with in the US. And also, turn outward and GIVE like this man did for me. 

Keep sending those prayers my way. I need them more than ever. I love Argentina, but it's the hardest thing I've ever done. I love you all and pray for each of you constantly. 

May we be blessed with the wind at our backs and the strength to press on so that we may further build His kingdom upon this earth. 

From 4,000 miles away,
Elder Holmes.

Elder Rust and Elder Holmes
Fremont being represented in Argentina