Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wk #5: Argentina is 1.5 Weeks Away!

Hey everybody! So this week has been a little bit slow so there isn't very much to report on, but things are going really well out here! I'm super pumped for tomorrow because I get my flight plans! Argentina is so close I can almost taste it! The language is coming along and I am definitely living in the missionary spirit.

So something very important I learned this week was humility. The story of Zacharias and Elizabeth really touched me as I studied this topic. (Forgive me for paraphrasing, I don't have my scriptures with me.)  Zacharias and Elizabeth were old in age and could not have children and were very sad because of it. Zacharias was a priest in one of the temples and was hoping and praying for revelation. One day he entered the alter and lit the incense. The Angel of Gabriel appeared to him and told him that he and his wife would bear a child who would bring joy to many people and would be favored in the sight of God. Zacharias said something along the lines of, "Do you not know that my wife and I are old and cannot bear children? How am I to know that you are an angel of God?"  Gabriel said, "I am Gabriel, even he who stood in the presence of God. You will have a child and name him John and until these things are fulfilled, you will be struck dumb for you doubted me and my words." for months, Zacharias was dumb and could not speak. His wife gave birth to their son and the people were upset when Zacharias was insisting that the boy be named John. With a pen and paper Zacharias wrote, "His name will be John." And with that, his tongue was loosed and he was able to speak again. The first words out of Zacharias's mouth were words of praise to the Lord and words of testimony. John would become the same John that would Baptize the Savior. What a humbling experience. His last words before he was struck dumb were words of doubt and his first words after this experience was over were words of testimony. Powerful, right? I've challenged myself to be more humble before the Lord and trust in his plan for me. I invite you to join me too. Humble yourselves and you'll be in the perfect position to be accompanied by the Lord. (This story is found in Luke chapter 1)

I have also learned that something very hard has happened in my family this last week. I want you to know that I am praying for you every morning and night and you are constantly in my thoughts. Turn towards the Lord and let him comfort you in this trying time. The Lord always has his hand outstretched waiting for us to reach back for help. He knows your pain and he wants to help you. Stay strong!

I'll leave you this week with part of my testimony. Friends and Family, I know that the Lord has SO much love for us. I have began to see just how much his hand is in our lives. Out of all of the titles that He, an all powerful and all knowing God, has asked us to call Him, he wants us to call him Father. Doesn't that just show how much love he has for us? I know that He hears and answers our prayers. I have felt the promptings and heard the whispering of the Spirit more so in these last few weeks than I ever have because I have started to actually listen. If there's one thing the MTC does, it makes sure you have a testimony of Joseph Smith. I know that he was the true prophet and truly restored this Gospel. He was tarred and feathered and STILL went out and preached that next morning. May we find the love for this gospel and the surety of its truthfulness that Joseph Smith had. 

"To become something more, we must let go of those things that weigh us down." - Neil L Anderson.

Thank you for your support. Your prayers give me that push that I need to continue this great work. I love you all! May we be blessed with the wind at our backs and the strength to press on so that we may further his work on this earth.

-Elder Holmes
**An added note from his mom ..... Cade asked me to add that he was made Zone Leader this week**
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