Monday, August 22, 2016

Wk # 47: No group letter, so I’ll share part of his family letter

This week was hard. It went by fast, we worked super hard, but it was hard. Every single one of our progressing investigators fell through and told us that they don’t want to listen to us anymore. It was really hard to see that. After so much success with them it was so hard to see them all fall through. And then we found out that David has been doing things that he just should not be doing and that was VERY hard to hear for me. He still hasn’t shown up to church, but we're fighting to get him on his way. Also, the Ward Mission Leader that I love got released. He was the best Mission Leader in the mission and one of my best friends in the ward! We're really sad he got released. It's been a humbling week, but the thing I'm most amazed about is how much joy I have in my heart right now. Although we are starting from scratch with our investigators, we have contacted a TON of great new people. We are also very happy with our zone and the progress we've seen in them all individually! It's been a hard one, but a good one. That's the great thing about the Gospel. We learn how to handle the hard times with a smile. 
     I'm doing great! I've really got the hang of this cooking thing and we've eaten REALLY well these last few weeks! I've figured out how to spice meat and that has made all the difference ha ha! Tandil is still beautiful as ever. It's been cold, but it's been nice! It's starting to heat up a little bit which means it'll be coolin' down up there for you guys! I'm not ready for the summer here. It's brutal. I'm just hoping they send me further south so I have a milder summer!