Monday, August 15, 2016

Wk # 46: HELLO!

It has been a SUPER long week. We have had to do so many time consuming random things for the zone. I've never been so exhausted in my life ha ha! We had to do an emergency move out of the Hermanas in our zone at the first of the week. He is a CRAZY little man who walked in to their apartment all the time and was just terrible to them. That was fun!

      I don't know if you all watched, but The Argentine guy who won the silver medal in the Olympics in Tennis is from TANDIL! His name is Del Potro and he lost to Murray for the gold! But we knocked at his house yesterday while he was playing the match!! ha ha (: Its cool that I was here in his hometown while he was playing in the Olympics!!

        David is doing alright! He still reads the BoM but its hard for him to get to church... We're battling him on that. His mom is just very against him going so that is a huge challenge. Nikaurys still isn't listening to us. She has hardened her heart towards us. It's sad. Keep her in your prayers. She'll come around. She just needs some help. 

        I just realized that in a year from today, I will be starting my last transfer... WHAT? Can you believe that I'm almost already half way done? I cant. It's been a roller coaster ride for sure, and like most roller coasters, it's been fast. 

       Elder Lee and I are doing great!! We have been killing it out here in our zone. We have been having the GREATEST time too! We get along as well as Hunter Miller and I got along at home! We'll be lifelong friends for sure (: We laugh all day long, but work so hard. I cant remember getting into bed once this week, that's how hard we've been working. It's been AWESOME (: 

      We're going to go and check out some prices for renting tennis rackets and a court for an hour to go and play on the same court that Del Potro played on today! I'm really excited (: Tandil is known for its tennis players! It's called the Nest of the Tennis Players! ha ha (: 

I love you all so much. Thank you for your support. I couldn't do it without you all. I have missed you all so much this week, but I'm so happy that I know where my heart is. The mission changes us. I walked into the mission a scared, insecure, and lost boy and have watched the Lord shape me into a confident, secure, worthy priesthood holding man. In just 10 short months I have been put back on the right path and been shown the way. I can proudly say that my first convert on my mission was me. I love the mission, I love Argentina, and I love the Gospel.