Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wk #17: Que Tal!

Hey everyone! So honestly this week FLEW by. This whole transfer has just absolutely passed by so quickly, I can't believe it. But really, I'm really becoming the missionary I was meant to be out here. People keep telling me that my accent sounds 100% real, so that's a plus. I feel confident in my teaching and I am definitely using the promptings of the spirit to strengthen myself and those around me. But, I'm ready for a change. I like this area that I'm in, but I've been hoping to see a new part of the mission. I've been out for 4 months next week. That doesn't seem like that much time, but the fact that it has just felt so short is crazy. I look forward to the experiences I will have. 
        We're doing a lot of hard work. But it's good! I'm really proud of the work I have been able to do  in Millamapu. In my 2 transfers here I have been able to see it change from a "dead area" on the mission map to a "growing area".  It's been really great to feel myself changing as a person while changing this area for the better. I've just had to remind myself that I'm on the Lord's errand. So those days we walk miles without contact, get drenched in the pouring rain, or teach a new investigator, I'm on the Lord's errand and there is NO PLACE that I would rather be. It's hard for me to imagine being anywhere else than Argentina right now. I know that the Lord has a work here in my mission for me to do. And so I'll keep working until I see that work to be finished. "The Lord counts every tear that we shed while on His errand and blesses us a hundred times over for each and every one." 
      Don't lose hope, press forward in your daily battle, and continue counting your blessings. Keep the faith and press on, my friends. Better days are coming. 

With love and an eye single to the glory of God,

Elder Holmes.
In honor of my old man, Wade.