Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wk #16: Heat Week.

 You don't know heat until you get out of an ICE COLD shower and instantly start to sweat. There is no escaping this heat. And in my mind I was thinking, "It's the middle of January. I should be complaining about the cold." It's hot here in Argentina. 
      I'm still here in Millamapu, and let me tell you.. It's dead. We have literally contacted about 95% of the houses here and found 4 investigators that we can BARELY qualify as investigators. But I've been amazed. In any other circumstance, I'd be depressed, discouraged, and ready to give up. In one day we face rejection at every turn, we get cussed out in a foreign language, and people tell us that we are "brainwashed salesman for a false God". All in the blistering heat of the day. But we endure it all with smiles on our faces. And no, they aren't forced smiles! We are genuinely happy. How is that possible? How can we go through so much trial and still be so happy? Let me be the first to tell you how it's possible. The Light of Christ. It's the feeling in our hearts that says, "Get up and try again." when we fall, the burst of energy and determination we get after being rejected, and the spirit that whispers, "Just knock one more door." after being kicked off of someone's porch. Don't confuse the Light of Christ with the Holy Ghost, they have separate roles and separate purposes. Both equally important, but both so different. The Light of Christ is that light in our eyes. The feeling of joy that others feel around us. It's the converting power of the gospel. It's through the Light of Christ that I have endured with a smile on my face. 
      Argentina was very good to me this week. I have realized how beautiful of a country it is and how incredible the people here are. I also think that the Lord is showing me my progress through the words of others. We were talking to a reference that we got from a member this week and she said that she could understand me (a missionary of 3.5 months) better than my companion (a missionary of 1.5 years). That's when I realized that this week I became very capable of holding a normal conversation with people here and doing it well. I can speak Spanish! It's amazing how blessed we can become when we devote our time to the Lord. 
       As always, thank you for ALL of the support and prayers. I can't even describe in words how much I have felt from them out here. It's hard work, but it's worth it. Es vale la pena. It's worth the pain. Live it up in that FREEZING cold weather and just think of me dying in the heat. We can suffer together (; I hope you all had a great week! Never forget who is ALWAYS there for us. Never forget He that has blessed us with so much. Say your prayers and search for the Light of Christ within yourself!

      Yo espero que todos de ustedes pueden recordar el Salvador este semana. Èl es nuestro pastor, maestro, y verdaderamente nuestro luz en el desierto. Es mediante Èl que podamos hallar nuestro felicidad, propósito, y salvación en este vida. Seguramente Jesucristo es la razón porque estamos aquí. Por eso, nunca olvide Èl. Yo testifico que seguramente, Èl es el Hijo de Dios. Y como yo vivo ahora Èl vive también. También, yo se que Èl quiere ayudar nosotros con cada prueba tenemos en este vida. Porque Èl sabe nuestras dolores. Yo testifico con todo mi corazón que Êl es todopoderoso y nuestro amoroso Hermano Mayor. Yo invito ustedes a confiar en Èl en todas las cosas que hacen. Y yo promesa que Èl es va a ayudar. Yo testifico estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

May we be blessed with the wind at our backs and the strength to press on so that we may further build His kingdom on this earth.

Con tanto amor y mucho calor tambìen,
Elder Holmes
Our Zone! We're like a big old family.
McDonald's in Arg! Yeah, it's exactly the same.
Street selfie with Elder Fallentine
The moon on my side of the world.