Monday, March 20, 2017


Where to start?? This week we had some of the other Elders in our area working with us to help our area progress! Elder Ethan Foote, and Elder I trained with Elder Marin, and Elder Buck, my fellow Ogdenite! I love those guys! Grandma Hunter had written me an email about how Elder buck lives in their ward and that he took them the sacrament, so I asked him about it and he said, "Dude! That's your grandpa?! He always used to tell us, 'Fill your pockets with goodies before you leave!' and always had a ton of tootsie rolls!" hahah his impression of grandpa was perfect. We ended up hugging because of how excited I was that he knew grandpa and grandma. It was awesome to find that cool connection! Small world!!

 While those guys were here in Pehua, we talked with SO MANY PEOPLE. But almost none of them let us teach there in the moment or let us come back. It was tough and I was very frustrated. I kept thinking, "Why aren't these people open to us? What are we doing wrong?" And then the next day, we were eating lunch with our recent convert Paula and she said, "I have a friend coming to talk with you guys about the church. She's super interested." And so we taught her and one of her friends and then we found another man who let us into his home to teach him. I now understand why the Lord kept telling me to study the bible all through out my mission, because that guy tested me on just about every doctrine he could think of and didnt let me use the Book of Mormon. I was humbled as the Lord helped me to find all of the scriptures I needed and the man left without doubts on what we had spoken about. It true what D&C says about treasuring up the words of life. 

Also, speaking of Paula..... SHE AND HER DAUGHTER ARE COMING TO UTAH TO VISIT US IN OCTOBER!!!!! She is incredible! She wants to go to the temple with us to do baptisms for the dead in the SLC temple!! How cool is that?! 

Also, I want to know who wrote "Baby Ducks" in a concert venue in SLC. That's awesome. If anyone has info on who did it, write me!! 

The church is true!!

-Elder Holmes
Baby Ducks
A member we visited from Tandil got her mission call and emailed me with this picture saying this, "Gracias por haber estado en Tandil cuando preparaba los papeles, realmente me ayudó mucho aunque usted no lo crea!!!" Which means, "Thank you for having been in Tandil when I prepared my mission papers. Really, you helped me a lot even though you don't believe it!"