Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wk #25: Again, Hello from Argentina!

I hope, as always, that this email find you all in continued happiness and health. It's something I pray for for all of you every night and day! 

      Well, Argentina was good to me this week. We have been working extra hard and we have felt the Spirit just a little bit more in our lives because of it. We decided as a companionship to be exactly obedient to the mission rules and set some other smaller goals to help us along the way! It's been great to see how much easier it has made things for us. I also can not believe that this transfer is already over. 6 weeks has flown by so quickly. I'm very excited to se3e where I'll be going or if I'll be staying! President Cifuentes is changing a lot of things around here in the Bahia Blanca mission. He told us to expect to be in our new areas for at least 6 months. Yes, I could be in my new area until October.. haha that's a long time. Also he has created a new way to plan and work that he believes will be more efficient and better for us as missionaries! I'm excited to try it out. He also said that these transfers would be VERY BIG. Whatever that means, I'm excited for it.
       This week after sudies our phone rang and upon answering it, we found that it was a member of the church who had a reference that he is VERY excited about. Her name is Rita and she has a little bit of a sad story. But I have hope that we can help her through the gospel. All I ask is that you keep her in your prayers for us. We have an appointment with her tomorrow and we have high hopes. I'm very excited to teach!
        Here's a fun story: There are a bunch of kids here that are always asking us to play soccer with them, and last week we told them that we would play! But they gave us some conditions. We couldn't speak English, We couldn't run too fast, and if they won we had to buy them a coke. We agreed and played our game! They killed us. Those 10 year olds were incredible hahah (: So after that we went to the store and bought about 10 Coke's for a bunch of kids. It was a lot of fun (: We're playing basketball with them today! It should be fun!

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Elder Holmes
The Type of Missionary I am.. Churros and BoM's
The animals were all super bummed out.
We thought the lion was dead for a while. Then it moved.
We thought the Tiger was dead too. 
These wolves were behind a 4 foot tall wall. They could have escaped at any moment. haha