Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wk #22: Speed Week.

Hey, hey, hey! How's it going my friends? I hope it's all good.

Wow, I can't believe how fast this week went by. Really the time is flying by. I had a TON of weird experiences this week. I experienced my first dose of REAL racism directed towards me, I got a TERRIBLE hair cut by a lady who I found out afterwards is blind in one eye, and I saw a grizzly bear escape a Zoo in our area. Only on a mission, right?

My message this week is short and sweet but powerful. I'm sure that some (if not all) of you have heard this before, but I love it so much that I'm going to share it with you anyways. There was a woman who lived a comfortable life. She had her family, her home, and food on the table. But she was troubled. She didn't have enough shoes. In fact, she only had one pair of old, out of style, and slightly worn shoes. She let this take over her life. She was so depressed about her shoe problem that she let it make every thing else that was good in her life seem a little bit worse. Life seemed dark and dreary because of this one problem. She went walking one day, probably on her way to work or to a friends house. She came upon a part of town that was known to have homeless people on every corner. There she saw something that forever changed her perspective on life in general and her problems. She saw a woman who was missing both of her feet. She was so worried about not having enough shoes at the same time that there was someone out there who didn't even have feet. My friends and family, let us look outwards instead of inward. Maybe there is someone out there that has a lot more to worry in their lives that we could help them with. Don't look at your struggles as a roadblock, but as an opportunity to grow and learn. I've been so wrapped up in my problems that I let myself forget about my blessings. But when I literally wrote out my blessings and trials, I found that my blessings FAR outweighed my trials. That's my challenge to you this week.

Thank you for everything as always. I am SO blessed with so much support. 

Espero que podamos ser bendecido con el viento en nuestros espaldas y la fuerza a continuar entonces podemos construir el Reino de Dios en este tierra.

Elder Holmes
There was a house that had a banner on it that said, "Free Haircuts" on it an I, being my father's son, said, "Well you can't beat that!" ANd went in happy and came out terrified. At the end she said, "Do you like it? I cant see it, I'm blind in my right eye" hahahaha This pic is after I went to a professional and got it fixed. Do you even recognize me? Hahah