Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wk #2: Week 1.

Hello everyone! I've completed my first week here in the MTC and I've gotta say it's been great! The time has FLOWN by. It feels like its been 2 days since I left, but it has been a week. In one week I have learned to pray, bear testimony, and hold a steady gospel conversation in Spanish. The gift of Language and Tongue is REAL. I'm conversational in a week and that's amazing to me. We've been teaching investigators that only speak spanish and the language just flows right through me.

 The food is good, but we eat so often that I usually skip one or two meals! My dorm building is hilarious. They are all so funny. And they're all constantly singing which is great because I just join right in. I miss my guitar so bad. I'm the district leader in my zone and love being the guy everyone comes to for help. I have found a love for service this week. And praise the Lord Hallelujah no one snores in my room. Also, I've been given the nickname "Papi de Azucar" (Sugar daddy) because of how much candy I have! haha. Also I've been named the crier of my group because whenever I feel the spirit.. I cry. 

You guys, this work is incredible. There's nowhere on earth I'd rather be than in the Lord's front line. I miss home and all of you, but this is where I have been called to be. And I wouldn't change it for the world. Keep sending your prayers my way. I need them. The work is hard and being away is hard. So send those prayers my way please. Also, PLEASE use to send me a letter every day! It's so nice to hear from you all. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! It was a great day for me here in the MTC. Well, I love you all and can't wait to report to you all every week.

 Oh, and yes there is a tree that smells like orange cream soda and the orange juice will kill you.

With Love, Elder Holmes