Monday, February 13, 2017

Wk #72: LONG TIME NO... Email?

The Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission Ping Pong Champions. Elder Galarreta (from Peru) and I!

Wow it's been awhile! I hope everyone is good, safe, happy, and healthy. I am doing really well! I'm livin the life out here in the great Pehuajo area!! I'm coming up on a new transfer and I'm SO ready for it. I had the opportunity to do splits with an Elder from Ogden this week so that was a lot of fun! His name is Elder Tyler Buck, if anyone knows him! We worked SUPER hard and had a ton of fun.

I found out that my Branch will be absorbing another branch in a small town close to here, so that will be interesting having to travel back and forth to the other branch. It's been quite the experience. It has been really hard, but I've learned so much. I gotta tell you, this church is true. The way the church maintains itself, even behind the scenes, is obviously inspired. It has been incredible seeing that. 

 I dont have like any time today, but I want you all to know that I love being a missionary, I love the responsibility of Branch President, and I love the people I am serving. I have so many opportunities to help and it does a soul good to help. 

Thank you all so much for your support!!

Elder Holmes
My Colombian brother Elder Guerrero!
I did splits this week with another Elder from Ogden!! Elder Tyler Buck! We had a TON of fun!

We found some Slides
And some sheep
Squad Pehuajo