Monday, November 7, 2016

Wk# 58: HEY ALL!

No time for a group email, so here's a part of his family email...

Macarena's son Leon got baptized!! I forgot to bring my camera so I couldn't snap any pics! :/ We also had an open chapel (I think that's what its called in English..) And it was SUPER spiritual!! A really great time! The week was HOT! It has been miserable. And we live on the fifth floor of an apartment complex without air conditioning, so it gets extremely hot up there. I've been drinking a TON of water though, so no worries. We had to travel to Bahia Blanca on Friday for a meeting with President so that was fun! I got to see Elder Lee and some of the other buddies from the mission! But they called me again last night saying, "Elder Holmes, you have to travel to bahia again to do your visa paperwork!" So I'll be on a bus in about 2 hours heading to Bahia Blanca! I'm hoping that they let me work in Millamapu for a few days while I'm there in Bahia for the Visa stuff!! 

I made the Cinnamon Cake and it turned out SUPER WELL!! Thanks Mom!!