Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wk # 38: Update From Tandil

Hello everybody! 

Here's the update on where I am and who I'm with¨

I'm still in Tandil and I'm with Elder Yeates from Washington State! He goes home this transfer. Which means I will be here in Tandil for at least another 3 months! He will be the 3rd missionary I send home in my mission. Kind of a pain, but it's all good. 6 more weeks of trunky shopping. (; As zone Leaders, we have made some great goals for our zone and we have made some great goals for ourselves! It should be a great transfer (: 

A few shout-outs:

To Kali Zimmer for being baptized! I hard that it was a beautiful baptism. Congratulations to her! I'm so happy for you, Kali!

To Emily Woodyatt for getting her mission call to California! Felicitaciones y bueno suerte con el idioma! Estoy muy animado por usted! (: 

And to Elder Miller for being where Lebron James won the NBA finals. Good for you, man.

Some cool news! I heard from Elder Fallentine that a Contact he and I made back in January is getting baptized with her family. Sometimes we plant seeds and that's all w are needed for. My time in Millamapu was hard, but hearing that I helped in the Lord's process makes it all worth it. 

P.S. Look out for Captain Dallin. Russia today, GQ magazine tomorrow. (; 

Elder Holmes

This sums up my mission so far pretty well.
(Elder Dallin Fisher)